Tennis Court

Plexipave NZ are the preferred supplier to the ASB Classic in Auckland, while Plexicushion is the preferred sporting surface for the Australian Tennis Open and grand slam tournaments.

Plexipave, Plexicushion and OmniCourt Synthetic Grass sporting surfaces are suitable for indoor and outdoor tennis courts, from Home courts and community sporting groups to the highest professional sporting bodies.

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Volley Ball Court

Already a highly demanding sport, when volleyball players are digging or diving in defence, or lifting off for an aggressive spike, their only concern should be the ball and not about the surface beneath them. Plexipave Allsport is a multi-layer, all-weather surface suitable for indoor and outdoor volleyball. It offers players sure footing and grip and a more shock-absorbent surface for hard landings, without impacting the volleyball’s true reaction to bounce and spin.

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Hockey Field

The International Hockey Federation divides hockey turfs into two categories; sand based or water based. Plexipave NZ can give you the option of both types of the field for your next hockey tournament. We can provide a Synthetic Grass option for sand fields.

Netball/Basketball Court

Stop punishing your elbows, knees and ankles. Plexipave NZ have developed a specific sporting product to give netball and basketball players better grip, less glare and overall improve playing conditions. Plexipave courts have a smooth, seamless finish, suitable for both indoor and outdoor sporting tournaments while using Pexicushion will reduce impact and fatigue on muscles and joints.

Indoor Sports Court

Most schools or community groups need a multipurpose sporting facility to cater for a wide range of activities. From gymnastics to indoor soccer, basketball, or just a hard wearing surface for school assemblies, Plexipave NZ can provide a strong covering to suit most school hall or gymnasiums.Our Plexipave multisport range is perfect for:

School Hall

For extra muscle and joint support, you can also consider the Plexicushion range for your indoor multipurpose sports centre.

Cricket Field

Plexipave NZ can provide a range of options for your school or cricket club. For outdoor cricket grounds, we can install a strip of Synthetic Grass in the middle of your wider sports field to reduce the need for maintenance. Both Plexipave and Synthetic Grass are suitable for use as official playing fields, or around the practice nets.

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Cycling, Track & Field

Runners and cyclists demand a surface with strong grip in all weather conditions. An easy-to-maintain track that reduces tyre wear and is easily repaired. Plexipave Cycling and Plexitrac offer optimum traction and reduced glare for better visibility in high-performance conditions. With our colour range, we can create a red track surface for traditional athletics or track and field tracks, or any colour that will suit your velodrome or sporting ground. Plexipave is suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions.